Ways to start your morning productively

WAKENING up earlier can make you more productive, or so they say, in more ways that one from being more creative at work to logging extra calories at the gym for your weight loss journey. But if even the richest coffee cant lure your from your warm comfy temptress before an 8am lie in what … Continue reading Ways to start your morning productively



Help! I’m sad to say I have completely fallen off the wagon. The scales were forgiving as I maintained my stone weight loss, however given its been almost three weeks I really should have lost a pound at least! I have been over indulging in afternoon teas, takeaways, rich meals out and sweets with my partner … Continue reading Help


MILESTONE. I have finally reached my one stone milestone after almost two months, of not exactly torture, but there was definitely effort required. As I reluctantly stepped onto the scale on Saturday morning I felt my weekend would take a nose dive given the sneaky biccy and potato servings I had during the week as … Continue reading mileSTONE