Two’s better than one….unless its portions

Pairs. The best things come in pairs, and that’s definitely true at the gym. At least two sets of gym gear ensures you’ll be prepped to train most days. Two hours is all it takes including a cardio work out, weight training and most importantly an hour long shower 😉 (I joke more like 45 … Continue reading Two’s better than one….unless its portions


Cardio vs Weights

Cardio. It’s the one form of exercise that can help burn off our excess calories through its most popular forms such as walking or running which can be sustained over a longer period of time thus burning more net cals. However cardio is also something I have been overlooking. In my two weeks at the … Continue reading Cardio vs Weights


Numbers. Every day numbers control our lives, from telling us what time we'll start work to the miles we drive to the numbers on the bathroom scales. Whilst some aspects of daily life can have forgiving numbers such as minutes late to met a friend for coffee or the mid month bank balance, the bathroom … Continue reading Numbers 


Control. Having the self-control to say no to the second helping or no to making excuses to skip your gym session is a huge part of any weight loss program. It’s also something I noticed I lack in the first few days of my diet.


In hindsight of the 'Great Trouser blunder of 2017' resulting in me having to redress my freshly washed body back into my sweaty smelly workout bottoms I thought it might be useful to share my beginners check-list.