Which comes first cardio or the weights?

Dilemmas. Outside the gym it consists of what to eat when on a diet but inside the gym, my safe haven where i go to escape social dilemma such as stress, friendship dramas and such, i came across another dilemma just as I thought i had it all figured out.

After changing up my work out to increase the cardio I found my weight loss still a steady 1-2lb a week. So for week five I decided to do the 80% -20% rule where by I would do cardio for 80% of my workout and weights for 20% – but which one do you do first?

At the beginning of the week I started with some cardio, around 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity on the treadmill, after which I began training with weights. I lifted 10lb four reps of ten and nearly died – when did I get so weak?

After lifting with my arms I went to the leg machines and got a bit paranoid using the the self-named ‘thigh buster’ mainly because it had me feeling like I was in stirrups at a gynaecologist and not lifting weights at a local gym – talk about ruining a work out. I was tired deflated and decided to call it a day 45 minutes in.

The next night I reversed and began my work out lifting weights for around 20 minutes before moving onto some cardio. I was lifting five reps of ten 10lb weights and was shocked at how much my arms actually hurt from the little weight training i did the day before. I then took to the leg machines for another five reps of ten with the same weight, facing the wall on the ‘thigh buster’ to overcome my blushes, before moving onto the epilator for my cardio, and I have to say I did find it more productive. I found that I can push through the tiredness or slow down to recover then pick up when it came to my cardio in the wake of weight training, whereas attempting weight training post cardio I was tired I stop and take longer breaks feeling pain rather than winded.

Verdict is from now on weights first, followed by cardio at the gym five times a week during which I normally spend an overall 45 minutes of training. The results will be in week 6 to see if it is a more effective weight loss workout.


One thought on “Which comes first cardio or the weights?

  1. Colin says:

    I’ve read so much research on this topic and it’s so hard to find a clear answer! I love cardio but need to lift weights for strength training. I’m curious to see what your results will end up being. Good luck!


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