Motivation. This week I found it hard to re-boost the motivation I had prior to my injury. Exhausted from a weekend ‘break’, the tiredness often won and felt like a ‘valid’ excuse. However a week later I felt awful – guilty, flabby, moody, sad, tired you name it – in hindsight missing the gym made me feel worse instead of better. So how do you keep yourself motivated, how do you keep going, how do you persuade yourself to go on a night the sun is out and all you want is a beer?

Firstly it’s always good to make training a social event. Countless articles refer to a slightly higher calorie burn from the support and competitiveness of a gym buddy. Also if you try to pull out your letting them down and more guilt sets in.

Secondly I treat myself to some new gear or a new class. Doing the same thing each time gets repetitive especially like me if you had only two identical gym outfits. I planned to keep new workout gear for a treat when I lost a dress size, but instead I get nice outfits as a weight loss rewards and a new gym top or bag etc. when I need a reason to go. I always get excited about a new outfit especially one that makes me feel good.

A good habit I developed since my first day I document all my training sessions via instgram, be it a bag in the locker room, the machine I’m on or a post workout selfie, posting online holds me accountable – most days.

I feel the world is watching and thus I must check in I must go and do at least a half an hour. Which leads us to my next tip, which is a shorter workout period. A 35minute session is not as productive as the 75-minute ‘optimum’ training period, but it’s better than nothing. Ideally try splitting sessions so 30 minute in morning and again in the evening, however I have yet to success on dual training, or even early morning training unless it’s a weekend which brings us to my final tip – exploit your weekend. No one likes the idea of trading his or her lie in or weekend drive for the gym but you will feel so much better if you go then enjoy the rest of your day. If the gym really isn’t something you want to fit into your weekend try doing something active – a hike in the local green lands, cycle through a trail or walk and shop until you drop!

Whatever you think will motivate you giving it a go cant hurt, and please share your own tips below.


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