coffee, ankle and weights

Coffee. Its reported health benefits such as boosting your metabolism and fighting off heart disease justify my three cup daily minimum. My latest tryst, however, saw me fall over the coffee table, into the =TV unit inflicting damage to left foot. As the bruise and swelled so did my fear of not being able to attend the gym for a few weeks. And so following RICE I plunged my foot into ice water, then warm water, rested it and wore a support when needed. I embraced the break, only three weeks into my training, and indulged in not one but two takeaways, broke my pledge of no alcohol and then come the weekend I felt sick. But rather than it being caused by the poor diet choices this was guilt, for not training or looking for alternatives. I was bored I was fidgety and I was in need of a workout session. And so on Monday evening I plopped myself amongst the posers that tend to flock around the weight machines ironically impersonating a flexing version ‘The thinker’ rather than actually lifting the weights and I focused on my upper body for a half and hour. Once issue I had was I underestimated how much I would end up using my foot as most weight work outs require some pressure on the heels, so I would strongly advise against going to do an upper work out with a lower body injury. Disclaimer – only you know your body and what you can do without inflicting further damage.

After realising my flaw a mere five minutes in I took to the mats and aerobic equipment. I pulled out a step and began to do dips with my bad leg off the ground, using only my good leg. It was doable.

Next I lay down in the bench and did some ‘skull crushers’ with a bar and some weights, again leg off the ground so as not putting weight on my bad ankle. After half an hour alternating my arms burnt and I felt like I had a workout, a desperately needed one…. I still can’t wait to run again though.



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