Two’s better than one….unless its portions

Pairs. The best things come in pairs, and that’s definitely true at the gym. At least two sets of gym gear ensures you’ll be prepped to train most days. Two hours is all it takes including a cardio work out, weight training and most importantly an hour long shower 😉 (I joke more like 45 mins). Then of course there is the added motivation when two of you gym together rather than relying on your sole motivation each time.

As its international gym day I decided to reflect on my yoyo dieting over the years and I was always more successful going in with support. On a meal replacement diet with my housemate we had the competitive edge of wanting to outdo each other at every weigh in, yet signing up to a slimming group along I gave up three weeks in when the scales went the wrong direction.

At the gym I tend to feel more productive when I go alone as I hate being distracted from a work out, let alone I can hardly breathe let alone keep a conversation going. However, I believe in the truth that glancing over to my gym buddy and seeing them outdo me makes me want to catch up, out comes the competitive streak. But what if your gym buddy is your significant other? Does that still help burn an average of an extra 40 cals or is it the prospect of being make up free, red faced and sweating profusely a turn off?

Well unfortunately for my other half I usually wear little or no make up unless it’s a night out, and he’s seen me sweat poolside with my Irish fair skin being poisoned by the heat so a gym workout would be little difference and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. Side by side on the treadmills we got playfully competitive. Earphones in we never spoke just glanced giggly and almost flirty. And bonding over a ‘fake away’ post workout at the weekend was good too, all in all I think it might have brought us closer together….. until I lost more at weight in!


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