Cardio vs Weights

Cardio. It’s the one form of exercise that can help burn off our excess calories through its most popular forms such as walking or running which can be sustained over a longer period of time thus burning more net cals.

However cardio is also something I have been overlooking. In my two weeks at the gym I have been mainly participating in ‘pump’ classes, a work out using weights, three times a week. I have unfortunately showed the same enthusiasm for the treadmill twice, if even, over the last fortnight. But will it matter when I edge towards the scales this weekend? And if loosing weight is the goal shouldn’t I be focusing on cardio rather than weights?

After some online research and chats with some PTs at the gym I realise that my efforts have been outbalanced.

Cardio such as aerobic exercise is important to weight loss as it burns more calories over a shorter period of time but that’s not to say I should ditch the weights all together. A PT explained I should be focusing around 60-80% of my gym time to cardio and 20-40% to other work outs, ideally I should get both into a few sessions a week, but as a recovering smoker I find an hour is my cut off point, which is yet another motivation to up my cardio – Stamina. Hopefully by focusing more on my cardio I will be able to run for over 2 minutes without gasping for air and going back to walking for five or more minutes. As of week three I will aim to do 1-2 weight classes but 3-5 days cardio for that week as opposed to 1-2 cardio work outs and 3-5 weight training. Results will be posted in next weeks blog!


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