Numbers. Every day numbers control our lives, from telling us what time we’ll start work to the miles we drive to the numbers on the bathroom scales. Whilst some aspects of daily life can have forgiving numbers such as minutes late to met a friend for coffee or the mid month bank balance, the bathroom scales often left no room for excuses and neither did the gyms.

My first day I climbed onto the scales and as they read a few kilos over my heaviest weight I came to the obvious conclusion that they were broken. And so off I marched to the reception area to let staff know, but despite my protests they assured me this was not the case and it wasn’t until they used a weight to show me the scales were in fact accurate that I had to accept I’d let myself go.

Over the last two years I’ve gained a lot, from my driving license to beginning my career and two and a half stone along with it seems. I couldn’t believe I was back to my post diet weight of 2015 when I successful shed two stone on a meal replacement diet, which is hindsight was five weeks of starvation and torture I am in no mood to endure again, even if the scales now read a depressing 84.6kg and not my previous 69kg.

Admitting my weight was the hardest part of this journey so far. I happily admit I’m a size 12—14 (more so a 14) but when it comes to actually revealing the numbers on the scale I flinch inside. I am no way medically obese, and I am a firm believer in being happy in your own body, but I cannot be happy with my body knowing It is the result of a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle were my cardio has dropped from a six mile cycle to and from work five days a week to six footsteps from my car to the entrance of my home or work place.

Numbers can have a massive impact on our daily lives, and my fitness now revolves around different milestones of numbers from calories in and calories out, reps of weights to minutes of running, and most importantly number of lbs lost and the number of weeks to get there, and I will get there. In my first week I have lost 4lbs, leaving me 30lbs to go until I can once again be happy on the scales.

The number 1 thing in all this is that I work towards developing a healthier lifestyle and making healthier lifestyle choices.


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