Control. Having the self-control to say no to the second helping or no to making excuses to skip your gym session is a huge part of any weight loss program. It’s also something I noticed I lack in the first few days of my diet.

Despite having a mass of fruit and vegetables I took devoured the pic a mix my boyfriend brought home. Despite knowing cheese should be 30g I took half a block trying to justify it as acceptable as it was feta cheese and therefore healthy. The only reason I was able to control my binge drinking and stay teetotal for the first weekend was because I volunteered to be designated driver. So I do have self-control but the situation needs to hold me accountable.

I reflected on my day-to-day lifestyle to expose my ‘logic’ for what it was, lies, lies to comfort myself about the fact I had a whole new level of a sedentary lifestyle and that just because my large plate of tacos for two was a salad as it had lettuce and tomatoes on the side.

Honestly the most exercise I get is walking the five steps to and from my car, sometimes twice that if the neighbor took my spot and I found myself saying I could double up on portions with meat as it was protein and protein is healthy. Thankfully this acceptance means I can change my perceptions and make a change towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Signing up and using my gym membership is the solution to being more active, but portion control would take a little research to master and combat.



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