12 weeks to fitness… fitness ass back into my jeans

After some research and speaking to a PT I have decided to give myself 12 weeks of clean eating and gym exercise 4-6 days a week to see if it makes a difference.

A PT told me ‘your friends notice a weight loss in four weeks but it takes you 12’. Now, whether that starts from the day you make the change or the day your reach your goal weight I’m not sure, I hope it’s the latter as I survive diets and exercise regimes through false hope. However these timelines coincide with events to aim towards.

I will be having a weekend break in just over three weeks and I will be on a month countdown to a holiday in 12 weeks so rather than ditch the effort come my first weight in I intend to stick it out.

Ideally I would love to loose three stone and two dress sizes in 12 weeks, realistically I would settle for getting half way there.



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